Do you have part payment options?

At the moment we are not set up for an online part payment service like “After Pay”, it is coming though! We do understand that paying in whole might be difficult for many people especially considering the current financial climate so if you would like to pay in instalments we can do this on a 1-1 basis, just send us and email and we can sort you out!

We do require a 50% non-refundable deposit for all paid trips and events including wahine weekends and SALT sessions.

Does SALT organise custom or private trips and events?

No unfortunately not at this stage. This may be something we consider in the future though!

Are the wahine weekends and trips for solo guests or can we bring partners? 

As much as we would love to have anyone and everyone come along, we are trying to support and promote women’s wellness and equitable access to the ocean first and foremost, so we welcome anyone who identifies as a woman. These trips are perfect for a solo wahine as well as jointly with pals. So get your friends together and book on a trip together, or grab a bag and come on your own. Either way you’ll be leaving with a tribe! 

We do get many requests for husbands and boyfriends to join our trips, and we hope to bring some mixed trips together in the future for sure. For now though, it’s all about the women!

Are the wahine weekends and SALT sessions led by women only?

Our goal is to support and inspire women in ocean based activities and industries, however we don’t want to completely exclude all men and love them just as much. For this reason we will still happily have men leading some activities and/or workshops as well as women.