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It can be daunting getting into something new if you don’t have someone to help or teach you! That’s why we’ve collated (and will continue to add to) a pile of our favourite resources to help you get started. From Podcasts to websites to Facebook pages. If you’re just starting out or want to refresh your skills then take a look at our Learning Centre.

Please remember that the best way to learn to freedive/spearfish is to do a course and always with a buddy. You’ll find links below to the instructors around the country and some of the clubs you can join!


Clubs and courses:

Websites + Blogs:


Hear epic stories and learn from some of the worlds best freedivers and spearos with the Noob Spearo Podcast!

Eat What You Kill Podcast- The Brave and The Wild


  • Apnea: Do your dry O2and Co2 tables with an easy to use app. This is just one option. Check out your app store for all other options.
  • MySSI: Learn some of the fundamental basics in freedive physiology and anatomy, as well as gear, and safety/ rescue knowledge. And if you decide to do an SSI course in the future then your already half way there for the theory!
  • NZ Fishing Rules: Know your fish and all the size and catch limits before you start hunting.
  • SwellMap Boat: Essential to understand the swell and marine conditions before your dive
  • Windy: Essential to understand the wind before your dive

You Tube:

Facebook groups:


An indigenous world view is what we reckon is needed for a sustainable and balanced future. The more indigenous voices we have the better! We hope to be able to inspire our whānau to reconnect with their indigeneity and decolonise spaces to better understand themselves and the world around them, and to strengthen the voice for our future. Of course, it starts with whakapapa, but not everyone knows what that means or how to understand it. So, we’re collating a variety of resources to help inspire your journey, to give you a starting point, and will continue to add to it. If you have any other suggestions please let us know! And if you ever just need support please feel free to reach out. We might not know the answer but we’re always here to listen xx



Inspirational Instagram pages to follow:

Podcasts to get the mauri going:


  • Kia Kaha - Stacey Morrison
  • Maori At Home - Scotty and Stacey Morrison
  • Nuku100 - Stories of 100 Indigenous Women- Qiane Matata-Sipu
  • Te Awa Atua - Menstruation In The Pre-colonial Māori World- Ngahuia Murphy
  • Wahi Whero - The Red Waters - Ngahuia Murphy
  • Hia Kai - Monique Fiso
  • Atua Wāhine - A Collection of Writing by Wāhine Māori 
  • Navigating the Stars Māori Creation Myths- Witi Ihimaera


  • Te Aka Māori Dictionary
  • Ihi
  • Orokoroa
  • Kōrerorero
  • Hina 
  • Whare Kōrero
  • Kupu