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It can be daunting getting into something new if you don’t have someone to help or teach you! That’s why we’ve collated (and will continue to add to) a pile of our favourite resources to help you get started. From Podcasts to websites to Facebook pages. If you’re just starting out or want to refresh your skills then take a look at our Learning Centre.

Please remember that the best way to learn to freedive/spearfish is to do a course and always with a buddy. You’ll find links below to the instructors around the country and some of the clubs you can join!


Clubs and courses:

Websites + Blogs:


Hear epic stories and learn from some of the worlds best freedivers and spearos with the Noob Spearo Podcast!

Eat What You Kill Podcast- The Brave and The Wild


  • Apnea: Do your dry O2and Co2 tables with an easy to use app. This is just one option. Check out your app store for all other options.
  • MySSI: Learn some of the fundamental basics in freedive physiology and anatomy, as well as gear, and safety/ rescue knowledge. And if you decide to do an SSI course in the future then your already half way there for the theory!
  • NZ Fishing Rules: Know your fish and all the size and catch limits before you start hunting.
  • SwellMap Boat: Essential to understand the swell and marine conditions before your dive
  • Windy: Essential to understand the wind before your dive

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