SSI Basic Freediving Course

Become a certified freediver with Salt Aotearoa and Kiwi Scuba Divers and enjoy the beauty of the ocean.

Whether you are already a novice diver, spearo or snorkel enthusiast and want to get certified and improve your diving, or a newbie wanting to learn the ropes - this is for you!

The SSI Basic freediving course will teach you the basics of freediving through online learning, a classroom session, and an afternoon at a pool in one day. The course aims to give you a foundation of skills so you can explore the underwater world. We cover physiology, basic freediving equipment, basic freediving skills, and your local environment. You do not need any prior snorkeling experience, however, you must have the ability to confidently swim and are comfortable in the water. 

The course is run with the help of our mates Kiwi Scuba Divers and will be held at their office in Silverdale for the morning and then at the AUT Millennium Pools for the second half of the day.

Gear can be rented on the day for an extra $40 

To book you must pass the preliminary dive medical and complete the consent form.

There are two course dates to choose from, Saturday 4th June and Saturday 6th August. You will have the option to book either on the link below, provided there are spots left.

By clicking the link below you will be redirected to the Kiwi Scuba Diver website. You must complete your booking via their website.



The minimum age is 12 and requires a medical form to be completed.